Granblue Fantasy is a social JRPG, distributed by Mobage and DeNA


Granblue Fantasy is a JRPG released to both smartphone and PC/Mac platforms. Explore the vast skies as a Kikuushi, and find new allies and eliminate foes with the ultimate goal of reaching Istarshia, where your father awaits.



  • November 8 - Tokyo staff and the cast appeared at Roppongi Nikofare, production recital has been carried out.
  • December 17 - game delivery date has been postponed from December 17, which had been originally scheduled to March 10, 2014.


  • March 10 - browser version distribution start.
  • March 14 - The number of registered users has exceeded 100 thousand people.
  • May 1 - Google Chrome version distribution start.
  • May 2 - TV CM broadcast start.
  • May 21 - The number of registered users has exceeded 1 million people.
  • October 17 - The number of registered users has exceeded 2 million people.


  • January 28 - The number of registered users has exceeded 3 million people.
  • May 29 - The number of registered users has exceeded 4 million people.



Quests usually have a story portion and a battle portion, in which you can obtain various benefits and treasures. Going on quests costs AP, and your AP recovers by 1 every 5 minutes.

Main questEdit

Main quests are part of the main scenario. Play them for the story, to unlock new characters, and receive rewards.

Free QuestEdit

Gaiden mini scenarios that are released and proceed with the main quest.

Extra QuestEdit

It has been set for each day of the week or "day of the week Quest", such as limited time event dedicated quest, generic name of the two quest other than Quest.

Fate episodeEdit

Scenarios that are released when the conditions are met for each character. Depending on the episode in some cases there is no battle.

Multi BattleEdit

Multi Battles involve many players getting together to defeat a boss, who usually has a lot of HP. Some quests allow up to 30 people to fight the same boss, while some high level multi battles has a limit of 12. Going to a multi battle costs BP.

Co-op QuestsEdit

Co-op Quests are similar to Multi-Battles, although they involve a small number of people. Start or join a room and have people join you on Co-op quests.


Fighting is a crucial part of Granblue Fantasy. One can acquire "Rupis," the in-game currency, EXP, and JP, which can be used to acquire new jobs.

Double and Triple AttacksEdit

During your attack phase, their is a chance that your characters will use their normal attacks two or three times. For each strike, their Ultimate Technique Gauge increases, although the rate is smaller the more they attack in one turn.


There are 6 attributes: Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Light, and Dark. Fire is strong against wind, wind is strong against earth, water is strong against fire, and earth is strong against water. Light and Dark deal extra damage to one another. The protagonist's attribute is decided by their equipped weapon, while characters have a set attribute, although some possess abilities to allow them to change their attribute.


Abilities are skills than can be used by characters, including the protagonist. The protagonist can change their job and use many different types of abilities, with one EX ability slot that allows them to equip one ability from a list of EX abilities that can be unlocked from mastering various jobs. Abilities can deal damage, give buffs or debuffs, and can change the tide of battle. Use them effectively to destroy your enemies.

Summon Seisho-juu with Summoning CrystalsEdit

The protagonist, if still alive, can summon a Seisho-juu. You can set one crystal as your main Seisho-juu, which in return gives your battle party benefits. When summoned, they usually deal damage and add a buff, a debuff, and may have many other additional effects. Effectively equip your crystals for victory!


Potions have a chance of dropping from monsters during quests and other missions, however, they may only be used within the quest or mission that they have dropped from. There are 3 main types of potions: Cure Potions, All Potions, and Elixirs. Cure Potions heal injured party members for a large amount, All Potions heal the entire battle party, and Elixirs revive all of your members to full health, and increase their Ultimate Technique Gauge to 100%. Additionally, Elixirs can be used as a method of reviving your entire team when you are wiped out, although they can still be used when your characters are alive. Other types of potions can be used during events, such as a Clear Herb and a Revive potion, all with different benefits.

Ultimate Technique GaugeEdit

Each of your characters have an Ultimate Technique Gauge at the bottom of their portrait. When the gauge is filled to 100% via skills, attacking, or receiving damage, they can use their Ultimate Technique. Ultimate Techniques have various effects, with most of them dealing large amounts of damage.

Chain burstEdit

Successfully chaining your team's Ultimate Technique results in a Chain Burst. Chain Bursts can start from the usage of two to five Ultimate Techniques in rapid succession, and deal an additional burst of damage at the end of your attack phase.

Status effectEdit

Status effects are buffs and de-buffs.


Overdrive is a state of an enemy, which is usually a boss monster, although some monsters may have a Mode Gauge and therefore enter Overdrive. During Overdrive, the enemy monster uses a special move during their turn, and deal additional damage. Successfully decreasing their Mode Gauge puts them in a "Break" state, which decreases their chance of attacking multiple times, and disabling their special moves. In addition, your party is more likely to hit the enemy multiple times than usual.


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